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About Us

Education and Research Center for Sustainable Co-Development

Interdisciplinary research that transcends existing disciplines as well as "trans-disciplinary research" in collaboration with various stakeholders are to be promoted to solve sustainability issues that threaten human society. Moreover, the leaders who engage practical activities to construct sustainable society shall be developed. The Education and Research Center for Sustainable Co-Development (ERCSCD) aims to enhance education and research promoting such research and human resources development at Graduate School of Environmental Studies in tandem with all other Schools and Centers at Nagoya University.

ERCSCD was developed and restructured from International Research Center for Sustainable Transport and Cities (SUSTRAC) of Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University. ERCSCD comprises of two sections: "Consulting Firm for Clinical Environmental Studies" responsible for education and social contribution in collaboration with local communities in Japan and globally, and "International Research Section for Sustainable Transport and Cities" that promotes research and international outreach. Moreover, ERCSCD contributes to university-wide activities of Nagoya University Education for Sustainable Development program. ERCSCD also closely collaborates with the Nagoya University Study Consortium for Earth-Life Interactive System (SELIS) that participates in Future Earth, an international research program on global environmental change.

Overview of Education and Research Center for Sustainable Co-Development

Consulting Firm for Clinical Environmental Studies provides collaborative platform that links society and university toward sustainable development. Clinical Environmental Studies envisions collaborative research among local stakeholders and researchers, crossing various fields of expertise, from diagnosis to treatment toward sustainable community development. To this end, the Consulting Firm promotes projects such as commissioned research, voluntary study group, student research, advisory service, lectures, training course and so on. The Consulting Firm also provides one-stop consultation window so that local community is able to consult on and engage in collaborative project with the university for sustainable community development. Professors in the university can develop research and educational opportunities on Clinical Environmental Studies in collaboration with local stakeholders through the Firm. Meanwhile, the Consulting Firm trains human resources for environmental management who can contribute to business for sustainable development, responsible citizenship for sustainable development, and sustainable community development in developing and emerging countries. The Consulting Firm also aims to support career path development for young researchers and students by providing the opportunities for them to engage the projects as post-docs and interns.

The Consulting Firm serves as a secretariat for Integrated Environmental Studies Course in Doctor Course that was established in Global Center of Excellence (COE) Program called "From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies" conducted during fiscal 2009 to 2013. The Course conducts "On-site Research Training (ORT)," practical training where students from various fields of study execute field study in collaboration with professors and researchers, identify issues on sustainable development, examine specific treatments, and make proposals to the local community, and so on. The Consulting Firm also functions as the secretariat for steering committee for ESD program so as to manage the program and to promote it further in Nagoya University. ESD program equips the graduate students who are expected to be global leaders with the opportunities to understand knowledge and value system on sustainable development as liberal arts. Moreover, the Consulting Firm supports Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program (NUGELP) that conducts all classes in English, in collaboration with Center for Global Environmental Leaders.

International Research Section for Sustainable Transport and Cities clarifies the vision of sustainable co-development including the relationship with local communities and global society, to solve various problems such as the environment that face cities and transport system. The Research Section promotes international collaboration and necessary international comparative research. The Research Section enhances the global outreach of the research output in tandem with the Nagoya University Study Consortium for Earth-Life Interactive System (SELIS). The Research Section also engages collaborative projects with local and global stakeholders in partnership with the Consulting Firm. Moreover, the Research Section provides cutting-edge research outcomes with the education in collaboration with the Consulting Firm. The Research Section conducts research in areas where the Consulting Firm implements sustainable community development projects in developing and emerging countries.