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2016-04-13 Nagoya University Education for Sustainable Development Program 2016

Graduate students enrolled in the 5 Graduate Schools of Nagoya University (Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of International Development, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Studies, Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Economics ) are encouraged to take the courses listed in this Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Consortium Program, designed to produce the future global leaders of ESD.

Master's students of Nagoya University are eligible to count 10 credits at maximum that are earned by taking courses offered at other than your enrolled graduate school into the total credits required for graduation. For details of the requirements, please consult at your graduate school office.

ESD_logo.png<Please click here to the website of the ESD program>

ESDflyer_En.JPG<Please click the above image for downloading the flyer (pdf file)>