Nagoya University Global COE Program: From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies



GCOE Goals and Future Development

The 5-year goals of our GCOE Program are as follows:

  1. Developing Human Resources: the GCOE will produce around 20 doctoral graduates per year of the Integrated Environmental Studies Course
  2. Forming an Academic Foundation: the GCOE will publish textbook(s) in English and in Japanese on Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies
  3. Organizing Research Findings: the GCOE will create a corpus of problem-solving "prescriptions" generated by each Center involved in Clinical Environmental Studies

The GCOE will make every effort to ensure that, by its completion, the following core centers will have been established for education and research in both Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies.

  1. Further Expansion of the Integrated Environmental Studies Course: the GCOE will install dedicated Course Directors, who will be responsible for overseeing the curriculum, coordinating instructors, and strengthening the overall functions of the course. The GCOE will make efforts to increase the number of instructors from administrative government, NPOs, corporations and overseas.
  2. Further Strengthening of Career Path Support: as part of the GCOE, the University GCOE will establish a Consulting Firm as a University venture project, where students and researchers can gain hands-on experience as Environmental Practitioners. Successful operation of the Consulting Firm will require that we deepen our ties with the local community, administrative government and private think tanks.
  3. Further Internationalization of Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies: the GCOE will make efforts to create a hub of internationalized education and research in Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies. The Study Consortium for Earth-Life Interactive System (SELIS) will be transformed into an international research hub. The Global Environmental Leaders Program (GELP) will be expanded, as will the Center for Global Environmental Leaders. The Center and the Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies Academic Studies will engage in regular programs for international exchange students and organize the dispatch and placement of graduates in local organizations and institutes. This will be achieved through collaboration with those universities, research institutes and governmental organizations throughout Asia that are involved in Clinical Environmental Studies research and the ORT program. A program of Mutual Human Resources Exchange will be established as a basis for this exchange. Additionally, ties with universities both in Asia and the rest of the world will be strengthened, through collaborations such as the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP). Our goal is for the Center to become an international hub for international exchange on Asian environmental research, education and human resources exchange.
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