Nagoya University Global COE Program: From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies


GCOE Fellows/PD

GCOE Fellow

Name Affiliated department Specialized field Theme
Hisashi SATO Graduate School of Environmental Studies Plant Modeling in Basic Environmental Studies and Clinical Environmental Studies field locations Dynamic global vegetation model / Interaction between the atmosphere and earth / Vegetation migration
Chen LIU Graduate School of Environmental Studies Clinical Environmental Studies and Basic Environmental Studies in East Asia, China and the Ise-wan Basin Nitrogen Flow, Social Research, Environmental Risk Communication, "Vizualization" of Environmental Risk Information, Education for Sustainable Development, Democratic Decision-Making, Wise Use and Conservation of Wetlands (Tideland, Shoals, Coral Reef, Mangroves, Rivers, Lakes, etc.).
Hidenori NAKAMURA Graduate School of Environmental Studies On-site Research Training (ORT), Consulting Firm Development Environmental Economics, Economic Valuation of the Environment, Social Survey and Experiment, Local Governance, Integrated Assessment of Sustainability, Open Society, Finite Earth, Sustainable Life and Livelihood, Rural-Urban Relationship


Name Supervisor  
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Quanpeng LI Assoc. Prof. Masao TAKANO 2011.4-
Keisuke TOMITA Prof. Hiroyuki SHIMIZU 2013.4-
Department of Biosphere Resources Science
Isao HIROTA Prof. Kohei Okamoto 2009.10-


Name Supervisor  
Hiromi YAMASHITA   2010.1-2013.3
Miho KOJIMA Prof. Chisato Takenaka 2009.10-2011.3
Masaki SANO Prof. Takeshi Nakatsuka 2009.11-2011.3
Toshikazu KIZUKA Prof. Hiroyuki Shimizu 2009.11-2011.10
Mitsuyuki TOMIYOSHI Prof. Hiroyuki SHIMIZU 2012.4-2013.5
Tomohiro OH Assoc. Prof Satoshi Yokoyama 2011.4-2013.10
Kazu HAGIHARA Prof. Hiroyuki SHIMIZU 2012.10-2013.12
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