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Class and Research Instruction in Basic Environmental Studies

Teams of doctoral students and faculty members from diverse disciplines will work together to identify environment issues that are of concern to the entire world, such as global warming and water resources. The teams will then consider the interacting systems present within the identified issues from a multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses both the humanities and science. They will look at both the diagnosis and the treatment. They will work to deepen their understanding of the interactive, interdependent framework of earth-life and human social systems, of the nature of sustainability, and of the technology and systems needed to make such sustainability possible. Teams will focus their efforts on review and debate. The classes and research instruction will be conducted with an awareness of their positioning under the umbrella of Basic Environmental Studies.

Reports drawn up by team members will be used as springboard for discussion and debate, from which focal points will then be elucidated. Where necessary, external lecturers will be invited to provide additional inspiration to research teams by expanding their research perspective. Every six months, the findings of this teamwork-based research will be collated with the aim of combining these results in a report-based textbook. We also plan to hold briefing sessions. Reports will not comprise disparate findings by disparate teams. Instead, reports will be edited based on reciprocal peer review and debate.

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