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Name Masayo TAKANO Masayo TAKANO
Position, Department Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Office Room 721, Environmental Studies Hall
Homepage Lab HP
Research Keywords Millennial Sustainability Studies


My research looks at how we can go about creating communities that are sustainable and will remain so for the next thousand years. I am working with members of rural communities in the Ise-wan Basin to design for the future, in cooperation with community members with whom I am privileged to share both the problems and pleasures that are part of my work. I also work on developing the technology (natural energy, organic agriculture) that is necessary to realize sustainable communities. I hope that by reconstructing the link between urban centers and agricultural village communities, my work will also help to rejuvenate links between people, and between people and nature.

Research Themes

  1. Designing independently sustainable communities in intermountainous areas
    • Based on projected simulations of population and forest area, I generate a picture of future energy needs and regional economy
  2. Technological development through Millennial Sustainability Studies
    • Development of micro hydraulic generation using spiral water wheel
    • Development of nutriculture technology for organic fertilizer
    • Development of geothermal homes using conductive technology


1962 Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture
1981 Enter School of Science, Nagoya University; awarded Ph.D. (Science) in Earth Science
1993 Research Associate, School of Science, Nagoya University. Participate in research project, the Decoding Earth Evolution Program, to investigate the history of the earth, learn to approach geohistory from the concept of the co-evolution of life and the earth. Realize that the human age is unique in the 4.6 billion years of the earth's history.
1996 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
2001 In April, participate in the establishment of the Graduate School of Environmental Sciences at Nagoya University and become Associate Professor of same Graduate School. Begin to work with experts from diverse fields to construct Millennial Sustainability Studies, a discipline designed to create systems for communities and societies that can still survive in a thousand years' time, when subterranean resources have been depleted. Also participate, in my capacity as a citizen of Nagoya, in the realization of a Millennial Sustainable Society through collaboration with government and local NPOs.

Papers & Publications

  • Shigen Kyokai (ed.) Millennial Sustainable Societies: Creating Symbiotic and Cyclical Civilized Societies. Tokyo: Japan Institute for Community Affairs, 278p., 2003 (co-author). (in Japanese)
  • Machimura T., Yoshimi, S. (eds.) What is a Citizen-Led Society? The Planning Process behind the Aichi Expo Memorial Park and Recreating the Public Sphere. Tokyo: Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd, 215p., 2005 (co-author). (in Japanese)
  • Takano, M. Redesigning Urban Centers in Harmony with Ecosystems. Urban Advance No.40, 7-14, 2006.(in Japanese)
  • Takano, M., Tahahashi, F., Nishimura, S., Izutsu, K. Designing Independently Sustainable Mountain Communities for the Effective Utilization of Forest Resources. Journal of JFES 19, 263-266, 2005. (in Japanese)

Lecture Courses Taught

Environmental Studies on Natural Resources and Energy (Graduate School of Environmental Studies)
Practical Seminar on Developing Sustainable Local Communities(Graduate School of Environmental Studies)
Earth Environmental Science (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, School of Science)

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