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Position, Department Professor, Department of Social and Human Environment, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Office Room 627, Environmental Studies Hall
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Research Keywords Environmental Policy, Low Carbon Societies, Cyclical Societies


I am very interesting in testing out the potential of Clinical Environmental Studies. For the past 30 years, I have been on the frontline of environmental policy formulation and research. Until the 1980s, environmental measures were very much determined by government administrative organizations, but since the 1990s, I have experienced first-hand the expansion there has been towards elements realized through commercial markets, and those realized through community-led projects and citizens themselves. In terms of policy and measures, the IPCC can be held up as one of the best possible examples, but it remains the reality that while elsewhere knowledge and technology from the natural sciences has affected and changed policy, in Japan knowledge from the social sciences has yet to make its effect felt on policy.

Social Science is a discipline which, conventionally, is more concerned with treatment than diagnosis, and fields now present in Japan such as "Environmental" Economics and "Environmental" Law appear to be doing little more than applying the conventional methodologies of those disciplines to a new subject, the environment. This may well improve the reputation of those disciplines within academic circles, but it does little to resolve actual environmental problems (or rather, the social and economic mechanisms and aspects that are the cause of environmental problems), and are - this perhaps goes without saying - entirely removed from being effective as ‘treatment'. This is why I am so interested in what Clinical Environmental Studies has to offer.

Research Themes

  • Formulation of a road map to significantly reduce regional CO2 emissions (e.g. Nagoya. Currently working on road map for the Ise & Mikawa Basin Zones)
  • Development of measures and methods through pilot programs
    • Bicycle sharing system Nagoya City center. 3rd pilot program held in Nagoya between October and December 2009. Intention is to launch a community business based on the scheme.
    • Pilot program to promote the "reuse" element of the "three Rs" by creating Reuse Stations within communities. Developed into a business by a long-standing environmental NPO in Nagoya.


1954 Born in Aichi Prefecture. Graduate from School of Economics, Nagoya University.
1977 Joined the Environmental Agency (now the Ministry of the Environment)
2006 Took up current position

Papers & Publications

  • Integrating Environment and Welfare. 2008, Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd, (co-author) (in Japanese)
  • Environmental Restructuring: Learning from Germany. 2004, Recycle Bunkasha. (in Japanese)
  • Environmental Policy in the Age of the Global Environment. 1992, GYOSEI Corporation (co-author) (in Japanese)
  • Political Economic Science and the Global Environment. 1991, DIAMOND, Inc. (in Japanese)

Recent publications (all co-authored)

  • An Introduction to Social Environmental Studies. Nippon-Hyoron-sha Co., Ltd. (in Japanese)
  • Creating Low Carbon Communities. Gakugei Shuppansha. (in Japanese)
  • The Environment: Sustainable Economic Systems. Keiso Shobo. (in Japanese)

Lecture Courses Taught

Environmental Policies and Strategies
Seminar on Environmental Policies and Strategies
Environmental Administration
Seminar on Sustainability Studies

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