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Name Satoshi YOKOYAMA Satoshi YOKOYAMA
Position, Department Professor, Department of Social and Human Environment, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Office Room 625, Environmental Studies Building
Homepage Lab HP
Research Keywords Swidden Agriculture, Natural Resources Use, Subsistence System, Indigenous Eco-knowledge, Mainland Southeast Asia


My special field of study is geography, which can encompass the research of absolutely anything relating to the surface of the earth. In particular, I focus on rural areas in Mountain Mainland Southeast Asia (MMSEA). Now, I would like to gain a full understanding of human-nature interactions, looking specifically at subsistence activities which have allowed the sustainable and intelligent use of nature by humans, such as natural resource gathering and swidden agriculture. Furthermore, I would like to create a new model to review current socio-economic structures that consume the earth's natural resources. I have been conducting field research in MMSEA for 15 years now, but I still find something new every time I visit. I am excited to see what new discoveries and developments this Global COE will also hold.

Research Themes

  1. Subsistence Change in Rural Villages and Flows of People, Goods and Information (Field: Mainland Southeast Asia)
  2. Indigenous Eco-knowledge in Local Residents and Plant Use in Mountainous Regions (Field: Laos)
  3. The Value of Swidden Agriculturen and the Significance of Slash-and-Burn Research (Field: all regions where swidden agriculture is practiced)
  4. Changes amongst local farmers exporting food products into Japan from Thailand (Field: Thailand)
  5. Product Use Patterns and Diffusion of Unsalted Fermented Soybean Foods (Field: Mainland Southeast Asia)
  6. Relationship between Tabu-noki (Machilusspp.) use in the two regions; MMSEA and Satoyama in Japan (specifically Miyazaki Prefecture (Japan), Thailand, Laos)


Born in Hokkaido in 1966. Enrolled in Doctoral Course at University of Tsukuba (Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences), left midway through, subsequently awarded Ph.D. (Science). Worked as a Lecturer, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters, Kumamoto University. Appointed Associate Professor in Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Nagoya University in April 2009.

Papers & Publications

  • Yokoyama, S. (2010) The Trading of Agro-forest Products and Commodities in the Northern Mountainous Region of Laos. Southeast Asian Studies 47(4) [in press]
  • Yokoyama, S. (2009) Siam Benzoin, in Akimichi T. (ed.) An Illustrated Eco-history of the Mekong River Basin. Bangkok: White Lotus, pp.151-154
  • Yokoyama S. and Ochiai Y. (eds) (2008) Studies on Rural Laos: Changing Nature, Society and Subsistence. Mekong Publishing (in Japanese)
  • Tanaka, K., Yokoyama, S. and Phalakhone, K. (2007) Land Allocation Program and Stabilization of Swidden Agriculture in the Northern Mountain Region of Laos, in Saxena, K. G. et al. (eds.) Shifting Agriculture in Asia: Implications for Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood. Dehra Dun (India): Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, pp.407-420.
  • Yokoyama, S. (2004) Forest, Ethnicity and Settlement in the Mountainous Area of Northern Laos. Southeast Asian Studies 42(2): pp.132-156.

Lecture Courses Taught

Rural Development (Master's Course)
Seminar on Geography A-D (Master's Course)
Seminar on Geography E&F (Doctoral Course)
Regional Environmental System Theory (School of Informatics and Sciences)
Socio-regional Environment Seminars 1-4 (School of Informatics and Sciences)

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