Nagoya University Global COE Program: From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies


Program Members


Position, Department Professor, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Research Keywords Biogeochemistry、Palaeoclimatology


I have widely researched the material cycles and environmental changes in the atmosphere, continents and oceans of the earth's surface, thoroughly from the past (palaeoclimates, palaeoenvironments) to the present (current climates & environment). Recently, in addition to such natural sciences-related research, I have been branching out into the interactions between the environmental issues (material cycles and environmental changes) and human activity, and on the relevant social science and humanities-based backgrounds; most of the research have taken the form of research projects. In other words, my research stance is to examine environmental problems as widely as possible in the senses of space, time, elements and academic disciplines. I think this is what characterizes my research style. I would like to contribute to this GCOE through this approach.

Research Themes

I have two main research themes, as follows:

  1. Material cycles connecting continent and ocean ecosystems and their relationship with human society: My research has focused on Amur river basin, the Sea of Okhotsk and the Northwest Pacific, but for the GCOE I will be targeting the Ise Bay Bioregion, where I intend to undertake more concentrated research and education.
  2. Evaluation of water cycle fluctuations using oxygen & hydrogen isotope ratios from tree rings: In order to understand how water cycles are changing in Japan and the world as they become affected by global warming, I have been carrying out samplings of long tree-ring cores and disks throughout Japan, and measuring the oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios of cellulose within those tree rings. This will allow me to map water cycle changes on a yearly and monthly basis, going back more than 1000 years.


Mar 1986 B.Sc., Department of Geology & Mineralogy, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
Mar 1988 M.Sc., Hydrospheric-Atmopsheric Science Department, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
Nov 1991 Left Doctoral Course, Hydrospheric-Atmopsheric Science Department, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University (Ph.D. acquired Dec 1995)
Nov 1991 Research Associate, Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center, Nagoya University
Jul 1996 Associate Professor, Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University
Oct 2008 Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Nagoya University
Oct 2013 Professor, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Papers & Publications

  • Nakatsuka, T. (2010): "The History of Climate and Society recorded in Tree Ring Oxygen Isotope Ratios" in Nakano T. & Koumatsu Y. (ed.) "Focusing on the Link between People and the Environment: Stable Isotopes". Showado. (in press) (in Japanese)
  • Nakatsuka, T., Nishioka, J., Shiraiwa, T. (2008): Linkage between inland and open ocean ecosystems by material transport through rivers, shelves and intermediate waters: A Working Hypothesis of Research Cruises in the Sea of Okhotsk 2006/2007. Kaiyo Monthly (Special Edition) 50, 68-76. (in Japanese)
  • Nakatsuka, T. (2006): Towards the Reconstruction of Paleoclimates using Oxygen Isotope Ratios of Tree Ring Cellulose. Low Temperature Science, 65,49?56.(in Japanese)
  • Nakatsuka, T.(2001): "Talented storytellers: Organic materials and isotopes" in The Oceanographic Society of Japan (ed.) Oceans and the Environment. Kodansha Scientific, p 28-38. (in Japanese)
  • Nakatsuka, T., K. Ohnishi, T. Hara, A. Sumida, D. Mitsuishi, N. Kurita and S. Uemura (2004): Oxygen and carbon isotopic ratios of tree-ring cellulose in a conifer-hardwood mixed forest in northern Japan. Geochemical Journal, 38, 77-88.
  • Nakatsuka, T., T. Fujimune, C. Yoshikawa, S. Noriki, K. Kawamura, Y. Fukamachi, G. Mizuta and M. Wakatsuchi (2004): Biogenic and lithogenic particle flux in the western region of the Sea of Okhotsk: Implications for lateral material transport and biological productivity. Journal of Geophysical Research, 109, C09S13, doi:10.1029/2003JC001908.

Lecture Courses Taught

Graduate School of Environmental Studies: Dynamics of the Sun-Earth-Life Interactive System I, Global Environmental Change, Measurement of Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Environment
School of Science: Climate Science
General Education: Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Environmental Science (for human and social science - students)

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