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Chen LIU

Name Chen LIU Chen LIU
Position, Department Associate Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Office Room 101, Environmental Studies Hall
Research Keywords Nitrogen Flow, Social Research, Environmental Risk Communication, "Vizualization" of Environmental Risk Information, Education for Sustainable Material flow, Social survey, Lifestyle change, Environmental assessment, Low carbon village, and the difference of environment awareness between Japan and China


The free market economic system that has developed, based on a lifestyle of production, consumption and disposal at volume, places a great burden on the global environment; it is beginning to destroy the delicate balance of the natural environment. Today, there is increasing concern about the finitude of population increase, resources and energy, and environmental capacity; there is clear need for humans in the 21st century, if they wish to maintain safe, secure and healthy lifestyles, to realize a paradigm shift from material wealth to spiritual wealth, and to make this century once in which we are able to realize social systems and lifestyles that are harmonized the ecosystems that make up our environment.

In recent times, the diet of the Chinese population has changed dramatically, moving away from the conventional, grain-rich diet to a meat-rich diet, typical of developed countries. This has caused an increase in the volume of grains required for livestock feed, which in turn has increased overall grain consumption. This change has impacted more than just the material balance of regional communities, or human diet; it has also affected the sustainable development of society. Through my own research, I intend to clarify the impact of lifestyle changes in regional agricultural communities in China on nitrogen and phosphorous flows.

Research Themes

From the perspective of the urbanization of agricultural village communities in China, I examine the impact of the resulting shifts towards urban lifestyle (diet, daily lifestyle, agricultural methods, environmental awareness, etc.) on the environment (water, atmosphere, soil). Specifically:

  1. Analysis of N&P flows in the Yangtze Basin based on field surveys
  2. Actual situation analysis of population fluidity in China
  3. Differences in environmental awareness toward the water environments of Japan and China
  4. Examination to low carbon village 


Academic History

Jul 1994 Environmental Science, Nankai University, Tianjin City, P.R. China
Mar 1998 Cognitive Information Theory Course, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Mar 2001 Department of Social Informatics, Kyoto University
Mar 2001 Awarded doctoral degree (Information Science)

Research History

Jan 2002
- Dec 2004
Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Jan 2005
- Mar 2006
NIES Postdoctoral Fellow, Water & Soil Environment Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Apr 2006
- Dec 2009
NIES Fellow, Asian Environmental Research Group, National Institute for Environmental Studies

Papers & Publications

  • Sadao ISHIMURA, Chen LIU, Chiharu TAMAMURA. An Introduction to Interindustry Analysis Techniques using Excel. Tokyo: Nippon-Hyoron-sha Co., Ltd. 2009. (in Japanese)
  • Sadao ISHIMURA, Chen LIU: Environmental Statistics through Multiple Classification Analysis. Tokyo: Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd. 2009. (in Japanese)
  • Chen LIU, Qinzue WANG, Sadao ISHIMURA. Statistical Processing using SPSS for Social Inquiry and Economic Analysis. Tokyo: Tokyo Tosho Co., Ltd. 2005. (in Japanese)
  • Chen LIU, Qinxue WANG, Alin LEI, Yonghui YANG, Zhu OUYANG, Yaoming LIN, Yan LI, Kelin WANG. Parameters of the Regional Nitrogen Balance Model: A field investigation of 6 ecosystems of China, Biogeochemistry, 94, 175-190, 2009.
  • Chen LIU, Qinxue WANG, Motoyuki MIZUOCHI, Kelin WANG, LIN Yaoming. Human Behavioral Impact on Nitrogen Flow - A Case Study in the Rural Areas of the Middle and Lower Reaches of Changjiang River, China. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 125, 84-92, 2008
  • Chen Liu, Masataka Watanabe and Qinxue Wang. Changes in Nitrogen Budgets and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in the Agroecosystems of the Changjiang River Basin between 1980 and 2000, Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 80, 19-37, 2008
  • Chen LIU, Kuninori OTSUBO, Qinxue WANG, Toshiaki ICHINOSE and Sadao Ishimura. Spatial Distribution and Influential Factors of Floating Population. Chinese Geographical Science, 17(2), 099-109, 2007.
  • Chen Liu, Qinxue Wang and Masataka Watanabe. Nitrogen Transported to Three Gorges Dam from Agro-ecosystem during 1980-2000, Biogeochemistry, 81, 291-312, 2006.
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