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Keisuke TOMITA

Name Keisuke TOMITA Keisuke TOMITA
Position, Department COE Postdoctoral Fellow (PD), Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Office Room 101, Environmental Studies Hall
Homepage HP
Research Keywords Physical geography, geo-ecology, satoyama areas, vegetation, spring-fed wetlands


I have always been fond of the vegetation growing around me, and it was my desire to discover how these plants were able to live, and how we could ensure that such delightful vegetation was not lost to us, that led me down the path of research. Having said that, my research is rooted in geography rather than in botany, and I approach my work from such perspectives as ‘the relationship between humankind and nature' and ‘space'. I also have a particular interest in ‘social education', in other words communicating my research findings and information gathered from fieldwork to the general public in an accessible, easy-to-understand format, whether it be museum-based activities or projects encouraging greater public awareness and interest.

Research Themes

Vegetation of Spring-fed Wetlands and its Conservation

I tackle a number of issues from a geo-ecological perspective, which considers the relationship between organisms and the terrain that surrounds them. These include the examination of the origin of marshlands featuring recharge area-type springs (spring-fed wetlands) located in hilly areas of warm-temperate zones and of the development of vegetation within marshlands, and the collection and collation of basic information required to conserve rare vegetation growing in marshlands (photograph: Eriocaulon nudicuspe).

Changes in Satoyama Areas Located near Urban Centers

The examination of how satoyama areas - made up of coppice, irrigation ponds and agricultural land, and considered important as the habitat of diverse organisms - are formed, how they are changing, the vegetation found in these areas, and how the land is being used.


1980 Born in Aichi Prefecture
2009 Ph.D. Department of Geography, Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, Nagoya University

Papers & Publications


  • Tomita, K. (2008) Relationships among Vegetation, Landform, and Sediments in Spring-fed Wetlands on the Owari Hills and Chita Hills. Geographical Review of Japan 81: p470-490 (in Japanese)
  • Tomita, K. (2006) Variation in the Rate of Disappearance of Irrigation Ponds Based on Land Use: A Case Study in the Central Part of Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture. Geographical Review of Japan 79: p335-346 (in Japanese)


  • Sato, E. (ed.) (2009) Creating and Enjoying Green Surroundings. INAX: Tokyo (in Japanese)
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