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Hisashi SATO

Name Hisashi SATO Hisashi SATO
Position, Department Associate Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Office Room 101, Environmental Studies Hall
Homepage HP
Research Keywords Dynamic global vegetation model / Interaction between the atmosphere and earth / Vegetation migration


Climate change is becoming increasingly apparent; my research aims to construct models that can provide quantitative responses to questions such as how vegetation structure and function may change and to what extent, and the extent of the effect that human activity has upon these changes. In order to achieve this, it is first necessary to consolidate diverse Environmental Studies-based knowledge. Constructing simulation models therefore allows points of contact to be created and maintained throughout the segmentalized discipline of Environmental Studies; as such, I believe that my research can also work as a catalyst for the reintegration of the discipline.

Research Themes

My research focuses on the development of dynamic global vegetation models (DGVM) and of simulation models able to predict both the short-term responses (photosynthesis rate, respiration rate, etc.) and long-term responses (biomass, vegetation type, etc.) of vegetation to given climate change scenarios. To be able to predict long-term climate change, such as global warming, it is crucial that the interaction between the atmosphere and earth be predicted with accuracy. The models that we have developed have been integrated into Japan's Earth System Model, and are being used to predict climate change for the purpose of the IPCC report.


2002 - 2009 Researcher, Research Institute for Global Change, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
2000 - 2002 Postdoctoral research fellow at Biotron Institute, Kyushu University
2000 Ph.D.(Science), Division of Biology, Graduate School of Science, Kyushu University
1995 B.S. Science, Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo

Papers & Publications

Main peer-reviewed papers and publications from the past three years

  • Sato H, Kobayashi H, Delbart N (2009), Modeling vegetation structure and function in an east Siberian larch forest using the dynamic vegetation model SEIB-DGVM, Forest Ecology and Management (in press)
  • Sato H (2009), Simulation of the vegetation structure and function in a Malaysian tropical rain forest using the individual-based dynamic vegetation model SEIB-DGVM, Forest Ecology and Management 257(11), 2277-2286.
  • Sato H (2008), Current status and future direction of biogeochemical models: developing from static towards dynamic models, Japanese Journal of Ecology 58(1), 11-21. (in Japanese)
  • Sato H, Itoh A, Kohyama T (2007), SEIB-DGVM: A New Dynamic Global Vegetation Model using a Spatially Explicit Individual-Based Approach, Ecological Modelling 200(3-4), 279-307.

Other information

My simulation model, the SEIB-DGVM, is available for public and general use; the only criterion is that users adhere to the conditions of use. Code, tools and manuals can be downloaded from my webpage:

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