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GCOE Fellows/PD


Name Hidenori NAKAMURA Hidenori NAKAMURA
Position, Department Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Office Room 101, Environmental Studies Hall
Homepage HP
Research Keywords Environmental Economics, Economic Valuation of the Environment, Social Survey and Experiment, Local Governance, Integrated Assessment of Sustainability, Open Society, Finite Earth, Sustainable Life and Livelihood, Rural-Urban Relationship


Responsible for stocktaking and delivering final products of GCOE-BCES programme by means of effective communication and interpretation among different fields of disciplines and actions and proactive interaction with external groups and local communities

Research Themes

On-site Research Training (ORT), Consulting Firm Development


(Major ones)
Policy Researcher/Associate Researcher, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan
Associate Consultant/Senior Associate Consultant, Bain and Company, Japan Inc.
Programme Officer, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Ph.D. (Social Engineering), Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Master of International Affairs (Economic and Political Development), Columbia University, USA
MSc/BSc (Earth and Planetary Physics), University of Tokyo, Japan

Papers & Publications

(Major ones)

  1. Nakamura, Hidenori. 2012. Effects of social participation and the emergence of voluntary social interactions on household power-saving practices in post-disaster Kanagawa, Japan.  In Energy Policy. 54 (2013). 397–403.
  2. Nakamura, Hidenori and Kato, Takaaki. 2012. Japanese citizens’ preferences regarding voluntary carbon offsets: an experimental social survey of Yokohama and Kitakyushu.  In Environmental Science & Policy. 25. 1-12.
  3. Nakamura, H., 2012. Revisiting the Operational Principle of Sustainability: Physical and Economic Aspects. Journal of Sustainable Development 5(9), 98-105. URL:
  4. Nakamura, Hidenori; Elder, Mark and Mori, Hideyuki. 2011. The Surprising Role of Local Governments in International Environmental Cooperation: The Case of Japanese Collaboration with Developing Countries.  In The Journal of Environment and Development. 20(3). 219-250.
  5. Nakamura, Hidenori and Kato, Takaaki. 2011. Climate change mitigation in developing countries through interregional collaboration by local governments: Japanese citizens’ preference.  In Energy Policy. 39. 4337-4348.
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