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International Symposium on Complex Environmental Syndrome in Asia
- From earth sciences to basic and clinical environmental studies -


2010.03.15(mon), 16(tue)
Noyori Conference Hall, Nagoya University


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Our Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) Program (FY2009-2013) "From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies" has started since October of 2009. It is the successor to our previous 21st Century COE Program, "Dynamics of the Sun-Earth-Life Interactive System (SELIS-COE)" (FY2003–2007) which successfully ended in March of 2008.

The SELIS-COE program allowed us to develop a new approach to earth science. Based on this, the new GCOE will attempt to bring together disciplines traditionally seen as mutually exclusive to create an innovative approach to environmental studies; those, such as science, that we consider to be ‘diagnostic' and those, such as engineering, agricultural studies,and social sciences that we consider to be ‘treatment-based'. The core pillars of the GCOE will be Clinical Environmental Studies, which concerns itself with the diagnosis of regional environmental problems, and Basic Environmental Studies, which treats a range of common problems and universal issues that affect the entire global community – transcending discrete regions – through multidisciplinary collaboration between the humanities and the sciences.

We do believe these approaches are particularly crucial and essential for understanding and solving complex environmental issues or “syndromes” (e.g., threat to sustainable ecosystem and diverse bioregions under the global warming and rapid economic development) in Asia, where more than 60% of the people on the earth live.
This international symposium will focus on how we can develop the clinical and basic environmental studies in Asia to diagnose and treat these syndromes.

15 March, 2010

Tetsuzo Yasunari. Professor
Scientific Leader of the Global COE Program “From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies”
Nagoya University


Date:2010.03.15(mon), 16(tue)
Place:Noyori Conference Hall, Nagoya University (No.68)

General Chair: Prof. Hiroshi KANZAWA (Secretary-General of GCOE Program, Nagoya University)

Mar. 15, 2010
0930-0945 Welcome Speech

Michinari HAMAGUCHI (President, Nagoya University)

0945-1015 Opening Remarks

Prof. Tetsuzo YASUNARI (Leader of GCOE Program, Nagoya University))

1015-1055 Keynote Speech -A-

Prof. Ernst blockquoterich von WEIZSÄCKER (Co-Chair, International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management, Member of Club of Rome, Advisory Board Member of GCOE Program)
"How to Bridge Science and Policy in Clinical Environmental Studies?" 

1055-1135 Keynote Speech -B-

Prof. Kazuhiko TAKEUCHI (Vice-Rector, United Nations University)
"Rebuilding the Relationship between People and Nature: The "Satoyama" Initiative")

1135-1300  Lunch Break

1300-1500  Regional Session -South-eastern Asia / Human Activity and Sustainable Forest Management-

Chair: Prof. Chisato TAKENAKAProf. Kanok RERKASEM (Chiang Mai University, Thailand) "Changes in Forest Management in Shifting Cblockquotetivation Landscape of the Mountainous Mainland Southeast Asia"
Prof. Fabio Minoru YAMAJI (Federal Univ. of Sao Carlis, Brazil)
"The Amazon Forest Biodiversity and Other Brazilian Forests"
Prof. Hiroyuki YAMAMOTO (Nagoya University)
"Does Plantation Destroy the Tropical Environment?")

1500-1545  Coffee Breaks

1545-1745  Regional Session –Ise Bay Bioregion/ Issues Related to Torrential Rain from Different Perspectives-

Chair: Prof. Shoji ISHIZAKAProf. Hiroyuki SHIMIZU (Nagoya University)
"Introduction (Issues of Ise Bay Bioregion Research)"
Prof. Kenji KAI (Nagoya University)
"Characteristics of the Climate in the Ise Bay Bioregion and the Environmental Issues"
Prof. Yozo YAMADA (Nagoya University)
"Torrential Rainfall and Forest Management in Ise Bay Bioregion"
Prof. Akito MURAYAMA (Nagoya University)
"Land Use Planning Issues in Ise Bay Bioregion" Prof. Koji KAWASAKI (Nagoya University)
"Coastal Environment Issues in Ise Bay Bioregion"
Prof. Masao TAKANO (Nagoya University)
"On-site Research Training at The Fields of Sustainable Development in Ise Bay Bioregion"

1830-2030    Reception

Mar. 16, 2010
1000-1040 Keynote Speech -C-

Dr. Hans-Peter DÜRR (Chairman Emeritus, Board of Directors of the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik and Astrophysik, Member of Club of Rome, Advisory Board Member of GCOE Program) "How to understand "Reality" today?--Matter and Miracle of Life?

1040-1120 Keynote Speech -D-

Prof. Syukuro MANABE (Princeton University, Advisory Board Member of GCOE Program) "Impact of global warming on water cycle"

1120-1300  Lunch Break

1300-1530  Regional Session -North-eastern Asia/ Evaluation of Climate Change and Watershed Management-

Chair: Prof. Shigeaki HATTORI(Dean, Graduate School of Bioagricblockquotetural Sciences, Nagoya University)
Prof. Jiyuan LIU(Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Land Use Change and Its Impact on Ecosystem Services in China"
Dr. Eddy MOORS (Alterra, Wageningen University)
"Impact of Feedbacks between Land and Atmosphere to the Efficacy of Adaptation Measures in Spatial Planning in the Rhine Basin"
Prof. Haixiao PAN (Tongji University)         
"Dynamics of Urban Transport and Land Use in Shanghai"
Prof. Hidefumi IMURA (Nagoya University)
"Water Resource Management in Yellow River Basin in China: An Example of Complex Environmental Management Syndrome"

1530-1600  Coffee Breaks

1600-1700  Synthesis Discussion

Chair Prof. Yoshitsugu HAYASHI (Sub-Leader of GCOE Program, Nagoya University))

1700-1715  Concluding Remarks;

Chair: Prof. Yasushi YAMAGUCHI (Dean, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)





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