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[Sponsor(s)] 1E-1105 international Workshop
- Technology and Planning -


2013.10.05(Sat) 13:00-17:40
Lecture hall, 1F Graduate School of Environmental Studies, NAGOYA University


Hirokazu Kato(Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University, Associate Prof.)


Sponsored by
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University
The Environment Research and Technology Development Fund from the Ministry of the Environment, Japan
PJT NO. 1E-1105 "Design and implementation process of
building blocks for realizing low carbon society"

Supported by
Nagoya University Global COE Program "From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies"

Recently, Low Carbon District Planning is discussed all over the world. For neighborhood planning, specially, many countries and cities have discussed a combination of various actions, and there is a wide range of variations in their policy.
In this workshop, we will report on our research progress in the last 3 years and discuss concepts and barriers to realizing low carbon community through the two viewpoints of TECHNOLOGY (material and energy flow, etc…) and PLANNING (district and city plannning, etc…).


13:00-13:30 Introduction 

"About project 1E-1105" 
Hirokazu Kato Project leader, Nagoya University

Session1:TECHNOLOGY - Material & Energy Flows

13:30-14:10 Invited Speech 1

"The Urban Resource Model - modeling material & energy flows in
settlement structures" 
Stefan Dirlich, Leibniz-Institute

14:10-14:40 Report from Members 1

"Material Stock & Flow in Cities"  
Tomer Fishman,Hiroki Tanikawa, Nagoya University   
Ichiro Naruse, Nagoya University
Takuya Togawa, National Institute for Environmental Studies

14:40-15:20 Discussion coordinator: Hiroki Tanikawa

15:20-15:40 Coffee Break

Session2:PLANNING - District & City Planning

15:40-16:20 Invited Speech 2

"Planning and development of ecological residential areas in
high-density zones: Experience from Shanghai"  
Li Tian, Tongji University

16:20-17:00 Report from Members 2

"Methodology of low carbon city planning"  
Hidefumi Imura, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies 
Satoru Iizuka, Nagoya University
Toshiharu Ikaga, Keio University 
Ayyoob Sharifi, National Institute for Environmental Studies   
Akito Murayama, Nagoya University

17:00-17:40 Discussion coordinator: Yoshitsugu Hayashi


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