Nagoya University Global COE Program: From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies


Interenational Conferences

[Main Organizer] Sustainable Regional Planning for Shrinking Regions and Cities
-Exchange of German and Japanese Studies-


2013.10.3(Thu) 9:30-18:00
ES Hall, Nagoya University Higashiyama campus


Akito Murayama (Assosiate Professor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University)
Tel: 052-789-3750 E-mail:


Organizer:Nagoya University Global COE Program "From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies" and DFG (German Research Foundation)

Co-Organizer:Graduate School of Environmental Studies(in planning)
Simultaneous interpretation、Free、Pre-registration not required

Current status of academic research and praxis on urban and regional planning in demographic change in Germany and Japan will be discussed intensively by the collaboration of different fields of Geography, Policy Science, Urban, Architectural and Landscape Planning.


In the morning

Greeting (9:30-9:40)

Prof. Satoru Kuno (5min.) Dean of School of Environmental Studies
Prof. Yoshitsugu Hayashi (5 min) Leader of Global COE Program

Key note speech (9:40-12:00)

1) Prof. Thornsten Wiechmann (35min.), TU Dortmund University, Spatial Planning
"Demographic Change and Shrinking Cities in Europe"

2) Prof. Jürgen Aring (35min.), TU Dortmund University, Urban and Regional Planning
"Decline or New Solutions - Rural Areas facing Shrinking and Peripherization"

3) Prof. Hiroyuki Shimizu (35min.), Nagoya University, Architectural and Urban Planning
"Introduction of Basic and Clinical Environmental Study Approach to Regional Planning"

4) Prof. Yoshitsugu Hayashi (35min.), Nagoya University, Land Use - Transport Management and Planning
"Smart Shrink for Tomorrow" under Progressing Vulnerability of Society and Growing Risks by Climate Change and Natural Disasters -Towards Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Regions-"

In the Afternoon

Report from German side (13:00-14:30)

1) Prof. Uta Hohn (20 min.), Bochum University, Geography
"Transformation Laboratories in Hybrid Urban Landscapes: Experiences from the Emscher Landscape Park”

2) Prof. Uwe Altrock (20 min.), Kassel University, Urban planning / Urban renewal
"Urban regeneration in German shrinking cities. Challenges, practice and perspectives"

3) Dr. Frank Roost (20 min.), ILS Dortmund, Urban and regional planning
"Patterns of growth and shrinkage in German regions"

Discussion (30 min.)

Coffee break (25min)

Report from Japanese side (14:55-17:00)

5) Prof. Katsutaka Shiraishi (25 min) Ryukoku University Kyoto, Policy Science
"Kyoto Alliance for Human Development and Local Revitalization"

6) Prof. Hiroshi Yahagi (25min) Ryukoku University Kyoto, Policy Science
"Is Growing Smaller Smartly Difficult?;From Examples in Japan"

7) Prof. Akito Murayama (25 min) Nagoya University, Urban Planning
"Resilient Land Use and Urban Form for Demographic Change, Climate Change and Disaster Mitigation"

8) Prof. Noriyuki Kawamura, Nagoya University, Social Science, Kazu Hagihara, Nagoya University, Rural Planning
"Integrated rural development and community-based organization: The case of rural communities in Mie prefecture, Japan"

9) Prof. Hisashi Komatsu (25 min) Nagoya University, Architectural Planning
"Planning of Public Buildings in Population Decline: Case of School Buildings"

Overall Discussion 17:00 -18:00


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