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[Main Organizer] Special Lecture of GCOE-BCES
“Sustainable Transformation of Human Society”


2013.03.21(Thu) 13:00-14:30
Lecture Hall, Building of Environmental Studies


GCOE Program Leader: Prof. Tetsuzo YASUNARI
TEL: 052-789-3465, 5926


Lecture by
Prof. LEE Yuan Tseh

President of ICSU (International Council for Science)
Former President of Academia Sinica of Taiwan
Honorary Director of Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University
Laureate of Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1986)

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Hosted by
Nagoya University Global Center of Excellence Program "From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies" (GCOE-BCES)
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University


Sustainable Transformation of Human Society
Yuan T. Lee (President, International Council for Science (ICSU))

Human pressure is changing our planet to the extent that within this century, the survival of mankind may come under threat. To avoid this absolute calamity, we need a deep transformation to global sustainability, beginning immediately with huge reductions in human footprint, population growth and consumption. Scientific research is already evolving in response to these interconnected challenges, towards research that’s integrated, user and policy-driven, and solutions-oriented. One notable initiative is Future Earth, which has been launched by a strong Alliance including my organization, the International Council for Science, the International Social Science Council, the Belmont Forum of research funding governments, and several UN agencies. But the need for more research could never serve as an excuse for inaction. We already know enough to act. The unprecedented threats we face dictate that we must have the fierce urgency of now. It is time to go all out.


Chair: HAYASHI Yoshitsugu, Professor of Nagoya University

13:00-13:05 Greeting
HAMAGUCHI Michinari, President of Nagoya University

13:05-13:15 Introduction
YASUNARI Tetsuzo, Leader of Nagoya University Global COE Program - BCES

13:15-14:15 Special Lecture
LEE Yuan Tseh, President of ICSU (International Council for Science)

14:15-14:30 Questions and Answers


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