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[Main Organizer] Nagoya University Global COE Program
From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies
Clinical Environmental Studies in Ise Bay Bioregion


2012.3.2(Fri) 10:00-18:00
Lecture Room 2, 3rd Floor, Graduate School of Environmental Studies


Aim: To discuss the possibilities of collaborative research between German and Japanese universities on low-carbon (or low-environmental impact) spatial planning for districts, cities and regions.

10:00  Greetings, Background and Aim of the Workshop

Professor Hiroyuki Shimizu

10:10 - 12:00 Toward Collaborative Research on District/City-Scale Initiatives
1) Overview Low-Carbon Strategy and Community Development in Nagoya, Japan: Case of Nishiki 2 District, a Fabric Warehouse District in Transition (15 min.)

Associate Professor Akito Murayama

2) Community Vision and Future Development in Nishiki 2 District (15 min.)

Mr. Yuzo Suzuki

3) ENVI Met Calculation on the Future Development in Nishiki 2 District (15 min.)

Assistant Professor Yukiko Yoshida

4) Climate Adaptation in Robotron District, Dresden (15 min.)

Dr. Stefanie Rößler

5) Climate Change around Nagoya City (15 min.)

Associate Professor Satoru Iizuka

6) Disscussion (35 min.)

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

13:00-13:40 Short Lecture Recent Trends on Regional Planning in Germany

Prof. Jürgen Aring

13:40-17:00 Various Research Projects on Spatial Planning in Nagoya and Japan

Part 1: Basic Concepts on Landscape Planning and Sustainability Assessment (15 min. * 4)

1) Landscape Planning Unit and Methodology

Mr. Junji Takagi

2) Landscape Units in Nagoya City

Mr. Toshikatsu Ozeki

3) Strategic Environmental Assessment and Neighborhood-Scale Sustainability Assessment

Mr. Ayyoob Sharifi

4) (Title to be announced)

Mr. Takahiro Ota

Part 2: Urban Greening Case Studies (15 min. * 6)

1) Analysis of Greenery in Nagoya City

Ms. Nobuko Kawaguchi

2) Possibilities of Greening in Urban Commercial Street

Ms. Yumiko Tsuji

3) Greenery Created by the Green Zoning System in Nagoya City

Ms. Yukari Fujiwara

4) Recognition of City Government and Residents on Fujimaki-cho, an Undeveloped Urban Park

Ms. Akane Mitsuyama

5) (Title to be announced)

Mr. Haruhisa Fujiki

6) (Title to be announced)

Mr. Fangyuan Tao

Part 3: Landscape Case Studies  (15 min. * 2)
1) Issues of Tourism by Walking and Cycling on Old-Nakasendou: Landscape, Street and Resources

Mr. Kazuhiro Koshiishi

2) The Characteristics of Mixed Use and Design in Nagoya Station Area

Mr. Shang-Shu, Lu

Part 4: Discussion (until 18:00)

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