Nagoya University Global COE Program: From Earth System Science to Basic and Clinical Environmental Studies


Interenational Conferences

GCOE International Workshop on
“Ecological and Sustainable Development of Ise Bay Bioregion”


2011.3.4(Fri.) -5(Sat.)
Lecture Hall, Environmental Studies, Nagoya University


Total Direction: Prof. Akito Murayama (Nagoya University)

Mar. 4, 2011

Day 1: Ecological development and design in urban area

9:30-12:00 [Morning session]

Greeting  Yamamoto Shin-ichi (Supervisor of GCOE) 
Explanation of the concept of the workshop Hiroyuki Shimizu (GCOE) 

Keynote speech

Urban Nature and Society: The perspective of urban landscape ecology -
a European approach
 Jürgen Breuste (Universtität Salzburg)
EcoDistrict Initiative in Portland, Oregon, USA
 Robert Bennett (Portland Sustainability Institute)
Development of green infrastructure of urban areas in China
 Xiaodong Zhu (Nanjing University)

13:00-18:30 [Afternoon session]

Case study on ecological design / green infrastructural design

The approach to regeneration and preservation of
natural environment by the Urban Renaissance Agency
 Kohei Yamaguchi (Urban Renaissance Agency)
Creation of biotopes in construction projects
 Tadashi Ohno (Kajima Corporation)
Conserving forests and biodiversity through our homebuilding practices
 Hironori Fujiwara (Sekisui House)
About new cases of the greening on the parking area and on the roof
 Kouichi Murakami (Yahagi Green co.,LTD.)
Improvement of land use in the aspect of water infiltration in urban area
 Hiroyuki Shimizu (Nagoya University)
Effects on groundwater recharge and springwater restoration
by infiltration facilities in urban area
 Thi Ha (Nippon-Koei CO., LTD)

Biodiversity and Ecological landscape researches and activities

Development of indicators in urban biodiversity: DPSIR model and ecosystem service
 Ryo Kosaka (Nagoya City University)
Evaluation of urban ecosystems and City Biodiversity Index
 Masashi Kato (Aichi-Nagoya COP10 CBD Promotion Committee)
Urban green space as a habitat of wildlife
 Toko Suzaki (Toyota Yahagi River Institute)
Value of suburban paddy water areas and its preservation
 Akiko Minagawa (University of Shiga Prefecture)

Municipal activities on ecological development and design

Eco-district in the plan of low carbon strategy of Nagoya City
 Masaya Kojima (Nagoya City)
Working for improved harmony with nature: Aichi's Environmental Initiatives
based on Aichi Environmental Conservation Strategy
 Haruko Ishida (Aichi Prefecture)

Mar. 5, 2011

Day 2: Clinical Environmental Studies on Ise Bay Bioregion

10:00-11:30 [Morning session]

Greeting Tetsuzo Yasunari (Leader of GCOE)

World trends of Clinical Environment Studies

The concept of basic and clinical environmental studies on BCES- GCOE program
 Takeshi Nakatsuka (Nagoya University)
The city-region as research laboratory ?
trans-disciplinary perspectives of environmental studies
 Bernhard Müller (The Leibniz Institute of Ecological and Regional Development)

Poster session core time 12:30-13:30

13:30-18:00 [Afternoon session ]

Coastal water environment

Current state and future prospects of coastal water management
in view points of disaster/environment/fisheries in Korea
 Cheong-Ro Ryu (Pukyong National University, Korea)
Current state and future prospects of water environment in Mikawa Bay
 Mitsuyasu Waku (Aichi Fisheries Research Institute) and
 Teruaki Suzuki (Meijo University)

Reports on Ise Bay Region studies in GCOE Program

Relationship between water chemistry of farmland ponds
and environmental factors in Ise Bay Bioregion
 Toshikazu Kizuka (Nagoya University)
Geo-ecological study on spring-fed wetland in Ise Bay Bioregion
 Keisuke Tomita (Nagoya University)
Ise Bay Bioregion 2070 vision by the RA team
 Ise Bay Bioregion Research Assistants and Hiromi Yamashita (Nagoya University)
Report on ORT Activities in 2010
 Masao Takano (Nagoya University)
Creating Urban and Regional Green Infrastructure
 Akito Murayama (Nagoya University)
Downscaling simulation of climate change
 Satoru Iizuka (Nagoya University)
Basic and Clinical Environmental research Project in Kushida River Bioregion
 Hirokazu Kato and Masato Miyata (Nagoya University)
Strategy for wood utilization in urban design
 Yasutoshi Sasaki and Mariko Yamasaki (Nagoya University) 


Mar. 6, 2011

Mar. 7, 2011


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