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2010 PAGE(PAst Global changES) Regional Workshop in Japan


2010.06.05(sat) 9:30-17:00
2010.06.06(sun) 9:00-17:00
Noyori Memorial Conference Hall (1st Floor, Large Meeting Room), Nagoya University, Japan


Takeshi Nakatsuka


*Co-organized by “Nagoya University Global COE “From earth system science to basic and clinical environmental studies”
*Co-supported by “Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium”


[Jun 5(Sat)]

09:30-09:40   Local Organizing Committee
Opening Remarks

09:40-09:50   Tetsuzo YASUNARI (GCOE Leader)
Introduction of Nagoya University GCOE program

09:50-10:10   Thorsten KIEFER (PAGES IPO Executive Director)
Introduction of PAGES and Aims of this regional workshop

<<Session on PAGES Focus 4>>
Chair: Hikaru TAKAHARA (Kyoto Prefectural University)

10:10-10:35   John DEARING (University of Southampton, UK)
Keynote on PAGES Focus 4 (Human-climate-ecosystem interactions)

10:35-11:00   Coffee Break & Poster Session

11:00-11:25   Tetsuzo YASUNARI (Nagoya University)
Changes in the Asian monsoon climate during 1700-1850 induced by preindustrial cultivation

11:25-11:50   Takakazu YUMOTO (Research Institute of Humanity and Nature)
Human-nature interaction and climate in the Japanese Archipelago

11:50-13:15   Lunch Break & Poster Session
<<Session on PAGES Focus 2 & CCT 2 (Part 1)>>
Chair: Tatsuhiko SAKAMOTO (JAMSTEC)

13:15-13:40   Heinz WANNER (Univeristy of Bern, Switzerland)
Keynote on PAGES Focus 2 (Regional Climate Dynamics)

13:40-14:05   Hodaka KAWAHATA (University of Tokyo)
One result from IMAGES and the relevant studies in Japan – the relationship between environmental change and human activity during the mid-Holocene in Japan -

14:05-14:30   Koji FUJITA (Nagoya University)
Recent changes in Himalayan glaciers and ice core studies in the Asian highland

14:30-15:15   Coffee Break & Poster Session

<<Session on PAGES Focus 2 & CCT 2 (Part 2)>>
Chair: Yasufumi IRYU (Nagoya University)

15:15-15:40   Fatima ABRANTES (National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, Portugal)
Keynote on PAGES Cross-Cutting Themes 2 (Proxy Development, Calibration and Validation)

15:40-16:05   Atsushi SUZUKI (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
Climate events in the earliest 20th century detected in coral records from Ishigaki and Ogasawara Islands, Japan.

16:05-16:30   Takeshi NAKATSUKA (Nagoya University)
Spatial and temporal reconstructions of past Asian summer monsoon activities using oxygen isotopic ratios of tree-ring cellulose

16:30-16:55   Masumi ZAIKI (Seiki University)
Document-based reconstruction of paleoclimate in Japan

18:00-20:00   Reception at “Green Salon Higashiyama” in Nagoya University

 [Jun 6 (Sun)]

<<Session on PAGES Focus 1>>
Chair: Tomohisa IRINO (Hokkaido University)

09:00-09:40   Bette OTTO-BLIESNER (National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA) and Cathy WHITLOCK (Montana State University, USA)
Keynote on PAGES Focus 1 (Climate forcings)

09:40-10:05   Yusuke YOKOYAMA (University of Tokyo)
Detecting Holocene sea level changes of Antarctic ice sheet

10:05-10:30   Hiroko MIYAHARA (University of Tokyo)
Historical changes in solar activity and its impact on regional-global climate.

10:30-11:00   Coffee Break & Poster Session

<<Session on PAGES CCT 3>>
Chair: Akio KITOH (Meteorological Research Institute, Japan)

11:00-11:25   Bette OTTO-BLIESNER (National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA)
Keynote on PAGES Cross-Cutting Themes 3 (Modeling)

11:25-11:50   Ayako ABE-OUCHI (University of Tokyo)
Forcing and feedbacks for the change of sea level and climate throughout the glacial-interglacial cycle: A modelling perspective in Japan.

11:50-13:00   Lunch Break & Poster Session

<<Session on PAGES Focus 3 & CCT 1 (Part 1)>>
Chair: Hajime KAYANE (University of Tokyo)

13:00-13:25   Thorsten KIEFER (PAGES IPO Executive Director)
Keynote on PAGES Focus 3 (global earth-system dynamics)

13:25-13:50   Kenji KAWAMURA (National Institute of Polar Research)
Antarctic ice core study in Japan

13:50-14:15   Ryuji TADA (University of Tokyo)
Millennial-scale Asian monsoon dynamics, its tele-connection mechanism, and possible linkage with solar activity

14:15-14:45   Coffee Break & Poster Session

<<Session on PAGES Focus 3 & CCT 1 (Part 2)>>
Chair: Kotaro YAMAGATA (Joetsu University of Education)

14:45-15:10   Pierre FRANCUS (Institute of National Scientific Research, Canada)
Keynote on PAGES Cross-Cutting Themes 1 (Chronology)

15:10-15:35   Yusuke OKAZAKI (JAMSTEC)
Ocean circulation in the North Pacific during the last glacial termination

15:35-16:00   Naomi HARADA (JAMSTEC)
Large-scale blooms of Emiliania huxleyi in the Bering Sea during the past 100 years and its implication of recent global biogeochemical changes

16:00-17:00   Overall discussion

17:00-17:15   Local Organizing Committee
Closing Remarks


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