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Integrated Environmental Studies Course

2020-05-13 【The Integrated Environmental Studies Course】_Online briefing

Introduciton about "Integrated Environmental Studies Course" from Education and Research Center for Sustanable Co-Development, GSES, Nagoya University

 Our Center is pleased to announce an information of course for students who have been admitted to the Graduate School of Environmental Studies.
Although the briefing on May 16 has been cancelled, the materials and message will be available on the web.In addition, on Saturday, May 16, 23, and 30, candidatedes will be able to talk with the GSES faculty members in person and ask questions online. Please browse the following materials on the web and book your date and time through the format to ask questions to the professors.

If you are considering going to graduate school, please take this opportunity to contact us. Learn interdisciplinarily, investigate in the field, and take on the challenge of "clinical environmental studies"!

<Contents of briefing>

◆Message from Dean of GSES (Video)


◆Introduction of "The integrated Environmental Studies Course(Basic Environmental Studies・Clinical Environmental Studies)"(PDF


◆GSES Research internship(PDF:for Master's Course

 URL:(Coming soon)

◆Education for Sustainable Development Consortium Program wiht 6 Graduate Schools

 Web siteLeaflet(English)Relationship between SDGs and the lectures of GSESPDF:for Master's Course

◆Quesiton and talk session with professors

 Please make a reservation of the date and time (30 minutes~1 hour) through here(Format).

 ・16th May(Sat.)13:00~16:00

 ・23rd May(Sat.)13:00~16:00

 ・30th May(Sat.)13:00~16:00

Please send us the following information to cesfirm(at)ercscd.env.nagoya-u.ac.jp

・Your CV

・Your research interest

・Your question


Education and Research Center for Sustanable Co-Development (Kato, Sugiyama, Kakimoto)

E-mail : cesfirm (at) ercscd.env.nagoya-u.ac.jp

*(at) ⇒@