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Integrated Environmental Studies Course

2016-04-11 On-site Research Training in Clinical Environmental Studies I, II in 2016

Common Subjects
Course : Doctoral Course
Instructor : Associate Professor KATO, Hirokazu
Professor TAKANO, Masao
Associate Professor HIRANO, Hiroyuki
Associate Professor KAWAMURA, Noriyuki
Associate Professor SUGIYAMA, Noriko
Credits : 2
This training course provides the students with on-site research training (ORT) opportunities. The ORT is developed to equip the students with the capacity to conduct newly-proposed Clinical Environmental Studies (CES). CES aims to solve societal issues associated environmental sustainability and resilience by means of experimental approach (continuous hypothesis development regarding diagnosis, prescription and treatment) in collaboration between researchers and stakeholders from various fields and expertise. In the ORT, graduate students and teaching staffs from diverse disciplines of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities form study groups to identify problems that threaten the natural and societal sustainability in the specified area of Ise Bay Bioregion, Japan, where Nagoya University is located. The study groups then search the possible solutions and predict the effects and impacts of proposed solutions, in tandem with residents and local governments.
The students are able to understand the complexity of the whole picture of so-called environmental problems, the difficulty of appropriate understanding and solving such problems, and necessary issues that are to be clarified towards true solution, through proactive participation in the ORT. Those who participate in this training course are to be very effective to nurture the capacity that are needed in various professional positions such as international/domestic environmental managers/engineers/scientists and environment specialists in governments/private companies, as well as project leaders of integrated research in the field of the environment.

We will conduct the ORT in Ena city, Gifu prefecture, among the Ise Bay Bio-region, in 2016. The training is a mixture of regular classes and intensive field survey. The contents include:
1)Pre-examination on the campus
2)Field survey by all members
3)Theme-specific research and survey by separate study groups
4)Development of integrated prescription towards problem solving
5)Presentation of proposed prescription in the field; environmental impact assessment/simulation